When you turned away like dusk
is where I wished an angel was.

To Dream

I go to sleep softly
waiting on sparks--

pen and paper by the clock
set back an hour,

a cocoon against daylight,
where dreams dwell.

Of Salt

What you'll never get,
the thing you don't see,

it's not about us together,
just the taste you leave.

Of Solstice

Disappointed is something.

If You Grow Bees

Live on a mountain.
Shake a snow globe.

The stars then furry,
a sky laid waste--

the real world continues
like was never played

in minor keys.
Then flowers will bloom

and if you grow bees
the birds may bring you honey.

What I Have

No matter if you're a crow
or a stonechat,

I've nothing to give you.
I can only pay you honey.

That's all the birds
keep bringing to me.

I'm sure you've heard,
the tune is in minor key.

Instead of Alone

These are the soft
secret words I keep to myself.

I think if I write them down
in the middle of the night

a weight could be lifted,
I may be in front of a crowd

carving symbols for myself
instead of alone.

Too Many Nights

Waiting under stars
for you to say

anything like
what I've heard before.

Never Light

Pale fingers trace chalk
along the floor

dividing a room,
a dim room.


I want to feel
I'm choosing more of life.


Only a frame
left still,

not even crumbs of what could have been,
in shade.


Figured I had
one more life to spare.

Nothing Gold

All that shimmers will fade away.

Ee Flat

Wasted all my time
thinking you'd come back.

Clocks Set Back

That's the way it's been
since I moved from Jupiter,

since I came from Zanadu--
who knows me and who knows you?

On Water

The beauty of a still lake,
that deep water reflecting heaven,

lies in our knowing
waters impermanence.

In Minor Key

If you feel discouraged
for the short time we had to share

know how my heart lept
at only the hope,

the resonance
you felt like me.

You said soft words
in minor key.